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Fulton GIS
Select a parcel with the "info" tool then click "more" (circled) in the bottom right for more info.
Fulton tax info/pictures
That will bring up this page, which has tax information, pictures of the house/building, and a link (circled) to the sales and ownership records.
  • Fulton GIS Click here for instructions. This site uses pop-ups so make sure to disable your pop-up blocker(s) or hold "ctrl" when choosing a "search by..." category.

Sales Information Yes
Aerials Yes
Topos 20 ft
Search Options Address, LL, parcel ID, +more
Ease of Use (1-10) 7

Description: Fulton has made huge strides here, offering one of the best GIS systems around. It is jam-packed with features; you can even find street level pictures of individual buildings and houses. But it does have a few bugs here and there which loses it a few points in the "usability" category. Printing, particularly aerials, is often problematic; try switching to the recenter tool (the hand) and "right-clicking" and choosing "save as" then printing the picture from there if you are having trouble.

*Note: If the "More" option is not appearing, make sure you have the circle to the right of "parcels" clicked on the menu. If it still does not work, you can go straight to the Property Records Search Page.

Demographic Information

Traffic Information

  • Interactive Traffic Count Maps: Fulton North | Fulton South Use Internet Explorer and download the Viewer if you haven't already. Great GA DOT program that ironically cannot handle high traffic; use during off hours and if you must during prime time be patient or you will freeze it.
    Not working? Try the...
  • Traffic Counts Spreadsheets Download the Excel versions and you can search by street for info if the maps aren't working out.


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